Tooth Extraction in Dubai

Tooth extraction is the process of completely removing one or more teeth. It is usually done to remove damaged or decayed teeth and help individuals get rid of the pain and traumatic experiences. 

Achira Clinic is a leading provider of dental care services like tooth extraction in Dubai. Our highly experienced dentists focus on ensuring painless teeth removal. We offer simple and surgical teeth extractions at the most affordable prices. Dr. Hassan Achira, the owner of Achira Dental Clinic, prioritizes the oral health and well-being of patients above all. We guarantee a safe and comfortable teeth extraction process.

Why it is important?

Teeth extraction is essential when your teeth get fractured or decayed beyond repair. Leaving such teeth untreated can worsen the situation and increase the severity of the damage. Eventually, it might affect the gums and jaws, and individuals are likely to experience severe pain. Tooth extraction allows individuals to get rid of unpleasant experiences and prevent further damage. 

What are the average prices in Dubai?

The cost of tooth extraction in Dubai varies. It depends on the number of teeth that are to be extracted. Also, the cost of simple tooth extraction is different from the price of wisdom tooth extraction. The cost of removing impacted teeth is higher. On average, the cost of extracting teeth is AED 500 to AED 1200. At Achira, we offer reasonable teeth extraction services to clients.

Treatment time

A single teeth extraction takes about 20 to 40 minutes. If you require multiple teeth extractions, you need to spend more time in the office of the dentist. Book now

Experience of Achira in Tooth Extraction services

In Achira Clinic, we have highly experienced and proficient dentists who can remove the impacted or damaged teeth of patients in a very comfortable and safe manner. We ensure that our patients experience minimal pain during the teeth extraction process. We combine our professional expertise with advanced technologies to deliver a smooth experience to the patients. 

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